Sterility testing biopharmaceuticalsThe biopharmaceutical industry processes any medicinal product manufactured, extracted or semisynthesized from a biological source. This includes vaccines, allergenics, gene therapies, tissues and living cells used in cell therapy.

Unfortunately there are many infectious diseases in this world. This includes diseases such as Ebola, Hepatitis B and C, Flu, Measles, Rabies, Malaria and Tuberculosis.

On top of these, diseases such cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases continue to grow.

... and on top of these there is a strong emergance of new diseases such as coronavirus, sars and swine flu.

As a result, Biopharmaceuticals have emerged as an important therapeutic class for the treatment of such diseases, specifically where tradional synthetic drugs either do not respond or respond poorly.

Owing to these reasons, the biopharmaceuticals are expected to witness rapid surge in the demand in the coming years. As the demand for biopharmaceuticals rises, the equipment and consumables used in their production are likely to witness high growth.

Like pharmaceutical and food industries, the biopharmaceutical industry is heavily regularised given the dangers of contaminated or incorrect produce entering the human body. Therefore selecting the correct equipment supply partner, with suitable quality assured operations controlled by a modern ERP business system is mandatory.

The Standard Group is such a supply partner having supplied a range of complex, manual and fully controlled automated systems to help eliminate process contamination risk whilst ensuring full operator safety. Our business systems ensure full material traceability and document control; essential for supplying the Biopharma sector.

Our barrier isolators and associated process equipment are highly suitable for processing biological medicinal products, therapeutic biological products and engineered macromolecular products such as protein and nucleic acid–based drugs.