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Standard group ergonomic isolator studyIt was reported by leading pharmaceutical company that almost 25% of all operator lost time illnesses were caused by equipment ergonomic related issues. This statistic supports the findings from the published UK HSE Government injury statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry Sector.

The Standard Group of Companies places great emphasis on most appropriate Barrier Isolator design for the clients application. We perform ergonomic trials at the start of the project to identify operational over-reach, lifting and handling issues and prevent them becoming a problem.

The Standard Group invest in 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and PC modelling technology to provide a clearer visualisation of the entire barrier isolator system. Once the design is agreed on-screen, Standard Group create life-size wooden models of the barrier isolator system. These physical 1:1 models together with operator and client trials help to eliminate operational issues before the production models are manufactured.

This process has won significant favour from nearly all of the leading international pharmaceutical companies, resulting in incredible business growth for Standard and operational success for the clients.