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Standard group sterility test isolators bottlesThe Standard Group of Companies design and manufacture systems for product sterilization.

By way of example, our Sterility Test Barrier Isolators use a low temperature sterilization system using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP). Our VHP solutions can sterilize reusable metal and nonmetal devices as found in pharmaceutical and health care industries.

The VHP system is compatible with a wide range of medical instruments and materials (e.g., polypropylene, brass, polyethylene) and there are no toxic by-products because only water vapor and oxygen are produced. Our clients employ our barrier isolators for aseptic cleaning of injectable containers and syringes.

The system can sterilize instruments with diffusion-restricted spaces such as scissors and some medical devices.

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide has been shown to be effective in killing spores, viruses, mycobacteria, fungi and bacteria.

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