Standard Group FBD Isolator 2kg 3Standard Group FBD isolator 2The Standard Group manufacture a range of Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD) Isolators, typically from 2kg to 15kg capacity, as shown below.

In the Fluid (Fluidised) Bed Dryer, the drying process is conducted to reduce the humidity in the granule.

Hot air is introduced through a vacuum which is typically generated inside the Isolator. The wet solids rise from the bottom and are suspended in a current of air, remaining in a fluidized state.

The heat transfer and the low humidity of the air in direct contact with the wet granule allow the evaporation of the water or solvents thereby reducing the granule humidity.

As the Fluid Bed Dryer workstation is positioned inside the pressurised barrier isolator, contaminants can not enter the granulate process.  Contact us for further information.