Standard Group sterility test barrier isolatorThe Standard Group of Companies design and manufacture Rigid Positive Pressure Barrier Isolators for the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Chemical Industries.

Standard Group are specialists at manufacturing bespoke, client specific Barrier Isolator systems to cGMP and cGAMP standards. We manufacture both Rigid and Flexible Isolator systems with negative pressurised internal environments and Rigid Isolators with positive pressurised internal environments.

Our positive pressure barrier isolators are essential where possible external contamination from the clean-room environment or personnel can not be allowed to enter the process media.

These positive pressure barrier isolators are generally more complex than our negative range and controlled by PLC or HMI control panel. During automatic operation, the barrier isolator goes through its start-up sequence ensuring all checks are completed. It then conducts a decontamination operation by VHP and once successfully performed it auto switches to show an 'isolator healthy' operation ready for processing.

These systems are commonly used for Sterility applications in the pharmaceutical sector, as discussed below.