Standard group of companies barrier isolatorsStandard Group barrier isolators sievesThe Standard Group of Companies manufacture two types of polished 316 stainless steel Sieves ;

  • Safety Screening Sieves and
  • Grading Sieves

Safety screening sieving is done to ensure the correct product quality of powders, where the objective is to remove any over-sized contamination from the powder.

Grade sieving is done to ensure the correct sizing of powders or granules.

In the Pharmaceutical Industry sector, primary and intermediates must be sieved to remove oversized and under-size particles to ensure a correct particle size distribution ready for granulation and subsequent tablet pressing.

For hazardous powder processing, our laboratory sieves are designed for safe and comfortable operator operation within our flexible or rigid barrier isolator systems.

For further information, on barrier isolator cleaning or barrier isolator validation, please read our Techno-Blog. section.

Standard Group barrier isolator sievingDesign Features of Standard Group Sieves

  • Polished 316 stainless steel construction
  • Operator safe sieving for hazardous substance processing
  • Range of sieve mesh sizes for oversized or under-size particle separation

Operational Benefits from Standard Group Sieves

  • Consistent and reliable particle separation
  • Clear visibility during operation and cleaning
  • Operator Safe environment

Applications for Standard Group Sieves

  • Powder sieving for pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, chemicals and food.
  • Sieving of hazardous, potent and toxic substances
  • Sieving in environmentally controlled conditions; humidity, temperature, moisture