Standard group chemical resistant gloveboxesThe Standard Group of Companies design and manufacture Chemical Resistant Gloveboxes

The Standard Group is a specialist at providing bespoke Glovebox solutions for demanding applications.

The experienced Standard Group team has supplied many chemical resistant Gloveboxes with special coatings which are conducive food grade.

These designs are typically for highly corrosive chemical handling where corrosion and fume exposure of the operator was an issue.

Standard group chemical resistant glovebox manufacturerThe glove box shown to the right is for Hydrogen bromide (HBR) charging.

Hydrogen Bromide is highly explosive and corrosive liquid received in the drum. The 50kg drum is taken into the glovebox and opened inside whereby a vacuum is applied inside the reactor to suck the product from the drum directly. There is connection for nitrogen purging while operating.

The Standard Group won high client praise for their innovative solution to this difficult application.

Further chemical resistant gloveboxes are shown to the left. These were designed by the Standard Group for use with a raised platform or very tall people (ha ha).

Standard group chemical resistant glovebox manufacturer 1