Standard group glass lining 2Standard Glass Lining Technology (SGL) is part of the Standard Group of Companies and operates 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) to engineer their product range to the highest standards.

In addition to providing customised design solutions for specific client applications, SGL has a range of modular glass-lined equipment designs which conform to international specifications including;

ASME, Section VIII for Pressure Standards

  • DIN 28136 for main vessel dimensions
  • DIN 28137 for Drive mounting details
  • DIN 28139 for Nozzle details
  • DIN 28146 for Baffle details.
  • DIN 28147 for Thermo pocket details.
  • DIN 28150 for Split flange details.
  • DIN 28157 for Impeller agitator details.
  • DIN 28158 for Anchor agitator details.

Material traceability is mandatory for international pressure vessel manufacturing therefore SGL only purchase material from reputable and reliable sources.

We also have strict control over the composite of the enamel powder used in our advanced glass-lining technology, including;

  • Material Composition Control
  • Glass Colour Availability
  • Heat/Cast Number Transfer

SGL heat3Glass lined equipment is manufactured in-house to exacting international quality standards including ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 28-721 and ASME VIII.

We conduct rigorous inspection regimes throughout the manufacturing process, starting with receiving the raw material and ensuring full material traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

After fabrication, the product is then normalised and shot-blasted to ensure all the surfaces are clean and have the optimum surface finish for mechanical adherence of the glass coating.

After fabrication and surface treatment, enamel is applied to designated areas of the product. The application of enamel to steel is done through precision spraying.

Our operators are skilled to ensure enamel is evenly applied on each coat. Once the desired coat thickness is achieved and the vessel has been inspected, it is taken to the furnace for enamel-firing

Once the glass coating is applied, SGL’s automated CNC furnace affects fusion between glass particles (typically above 800 deg C) to cure the coating evenly to precise quality standards. SGL has in-house computer controlled heat treatment furnaces capable of reaching temperatures of 1000 deg C.

We also welcome client inspection hold points during the manufacturing process, where, at pre-agreed times, client quality engineers can inspect the partly-manufactured products. This is typically required where inspection can not be undertaken when the product is in its final stages (i.e. reviewing the surface finish inside a welded/sealed vessel could be a requested inspection hold point).

SGL testing2SGL 100% statically test every pressure vessel/assembly before dispatch. We can also perform a dynamic test of the equipment, before dispatch upon request. During the manufacturing process we conduct a high voltage spark test in accordance with ISO 2746:1998.

Our continuous improvement culture and rigorous manufacturing/testing regime ensures products of only the highest quality leave our premises

SGL has experienced on-site personnel who are able to provide client value-adding services including;

  • Full Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  • Equipment alignment and checks.
  • Condition monitoring and equipment operational checks and reporting.
  • Equipment on-site assessment, removal and refurbishment

These engineering services are deployed to work on-site for short and long periods/contracts to suit client requirements.