Standard group glass lined reactors lrStandard group glass lined reactors glass sprayingSGL manufacture a range of Glass-Lined Reactor designs in a variety of materials, specifically stainless steel and carbon steel.

Our 'CE' range of Reactors has a mono-block construction, manufactured to exacting standards and international specifications. The design is offered with both Anchor or Propeller agitation, a true Thermowell or Baffle-cum-Thermowell and a Flush Bottom Valve Assembly.

Dimensionally designed to DIN 28136 our modular product range permitts a number of optional variations to be added to the standard configuration as shown below.

Our Standard Group Glass Lined Reactors can operate within a cGMP Pharmaceutical environment, with environmental conditions to ISO 14644-1 (ISO Class 7).

Our GLRs are designed, installed and commissioned in line with ISPE Guidelines / cGMP / cGood Engineering Practice. We also adopt the application of Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) which includes conformity to the Pressure Equipment Director (PED) for all vessels operating over 0.5Barg in the European Union.

Please see our design and test data below or view our CE Reactor Literature.