Schematic Safety shower 2Schematic Safety Shower 1Safety shower systems are also known as mist showers, emergency showers or decontamination showers. These safety mist showers are a critical, mandatory safety precaution in all forward thinking, modern manufacturing and media processing facilities, specifically when the plant processes toxic, potent and hazardous substances.

The Standard Group of Companies has manufactured Automated Safety Decontamination Showers since 2016 and installed such in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors for operator wash-down in the event of a system / process safety breach.

The Standard Safety Decontamination Shower system is supplied with Electro magnetic Door Interlocks which are connected to predetermined operator cleaning cycle, which depends on the area of plant/substances processed.

Our showers are supplied as a turnkey supply solution and are manufactured from Stainless Steel as standard.

The Robust construction permits them to be installed for the most demanding applications. Our mist safety shower is fully assembled at our factory and is supplied as a plug-in-play system at the clients facility.

The Standard Group manufacture hundreds of safety mist showers each year. The photos below show examples of a 20off batch being processed in our manufacturing facility in Decemeber 2019 for an export order for a European client.

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