RCVD white lrThe Standard Group of Companies manufacture a full range of Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers in both standardised and customised configurations.

Our Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers (RCVD's) are completely jacketed for optimum dryer efficiency. Heat transfer fluid, typically hot water, steam or vapour, is circulated around the conical jacket for even product drying through conduction. Standard can also supply a supporting Thermal Control Unit if plant services are not available.

As the Standard dryer rotates, given the shape of the vessel, the entire product batch is thoroughly mixed and high speed dried. This blending and inter-folding process maintains uniform temperatures and eliminates any probability of product re-condensation due to cold spots. We then use a high vacuum to draw off any remaining moisture while the product is in motion and thereafter the batch is easily discharged and cleaned given the conical shape of the vessel.

Standard has supplied hundreds of RCVD's for batch production in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical sectors.

Standard rotary cone vacuum dryer 2

Standard rotary cone vacuum dryer 3