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Standard Group Glass Lined Reactor testing

Glass Lining technology can be applied to practically all types of equipment to offer significant advantages over the incumbent design.

Equipment that is typically supplied by the Standard Group with glass lined wetted components includes;

  • Glass Lined Reactors GLR
  • Glass Lined Agitators
  • Glass Lined Baffles
  • Glass Lined Storage tanks
  • Glass Lined Columns
  • Glass Lined Pumps
  • Glass Lined Dryers
  • Glass Lined Filters
  • Glass Lined Pipework
  • Glass Lined Dip Pipes
  • Glass Lined Valves
  • Glass Lined Pipe Fittings

In general, glass lined equipment is designed to operate at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) and pressures of 130–150 psig (9.14–10.55 kg/cm2).  Although Glass Lined Equipment can be built to withstand much higher pressures, the main advantage of glass lined equipment includes;

  • improved corrosion resistance
  • reduced component wear
  • reduced frictional losses
  • improvements in operational equipment performance

For further information on glass lined equipment applications and opportunities for operational performance improvements, please contact the Standard Group of Companies.