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The Standard Group of Companies designs, manufactures, installs and commissions standard and bespoke centrifuge barrier isolators in the pharmaceutical industry.

These combined centrifuge barrier isolators are used for full containment whilst the centrifuge is used for fluid/particle separation of highly potent, toxic and sensitive materials.

These isolators can be supplied with operator half suits for safe and efficient internal working within the isolator system.

The addition of glove ports on the isolator, unique to the process can also be added to support operator intervention where necessary.

Pharmaceutical centrifuges have a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Centrifugal processes use the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to accelerate the sedimentation rate of particles in the liquid, separating the sedimentation.

Centrifugation is one of the most important and widely applied research techniques in: -

  • Biochemistry
  • Cellular
  • Molecular biology

Centrifuges are a major player of bulk drugs (API’s) and biological products so are key and need to be used to the maximum quality and operational efficiency.

Key advantages / importance: -

  • Operator protection
  • Environment secured
  • Ergonomic benefits are using a “half suit” which reduces excessive twisting.
  • Clear visibility during operation

Schematic centrifuge isolator 2

The group can supply the isolator for an existing centrifuge or supply the turnkey solution including the actual centrifuge.

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