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The Standard Group of Companies are a leading provider of equipment into the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Decontamination showers are now being more widely used.

The primary reasons are: -

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Legislation.

This equipment is primarily used for decontaminating human beings exposed to harmful substances.

This process can be part of daily procedural activities or when a breach has been activated thus causing an incident.

The Standard Group of Companies manufactures Automated Safety Decontamination Showers primarily in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors for this reason.

These systems are also known as mist showers and emergency showers.

Technical featuresStandard Group Mist Shower 102

  • Doors in Stainless Steel with a toughen glass window
  • HEPA-filtered air jets with velocities of 20-22m/s (4000-4300fpm)
  • Saftey system to prevent accidental lock-outs.
  • Power failure override.
  • Additional lighting to hit a client-specific target lux level
  • Toughened glass doors
  • Breathing mask to be used during misting operation
  • Ease on internal cleaning
  • Dedicated water tank with heater arrangement with pump

Typical applications

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical / biohazard processing Spray painting
  • Lab animal research
  • Food production
  • Clean rooms 

Key benefits

  • Improved operator health and safety.
  • Mandatory Compliance in many cases.
  • Improved PPE lifespan.
  • Cost reduction.

 These showers are supplied as a turnkey supply solution and are manufactured from Stainless Steel as standard.

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