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The Standard Group of Companies are a leading supplier of equipment into the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Part of the portfolio includes Flexible Barrier Isolators which are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to customer specific requirements.

Containment is one of the most critical parts of any pharmaceutical process and a clear understanding of all proecedures is critical to the success of the operation.

Flexible isolators are normally used as a single-use as they are an easily deployable system but can be used on numerous occasions depending on the application.

These isolators are used for the safe handling of OEL3 and OEL4 products which is imperative for the protection of the operator and the surrounding environment.

These flexible isolators are used in many applications and because of the key word - “flexible” makes this a very appealing option in many industries.

Key Technical informationStandard Group flexible barrier isolators 2

  • Filter choked alarm HEPA Filters on inlet and outlet orifices
  • OEL Categories OEL 1-4
  • Light Vacuum (20-60 Pa) system

Typical applications include

Chemical Applications

  • Pilot plant and laboratory equipment

Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Tablet presses and coaters
  • Dispensing and Sampling
  • Tray Drying (VTD's)

API & Bulk Drug manufacture

  • ANFD Discharge Isolator
  • Centrifuge Isolator
  • Filtration & Drying Isolator

Formulation Isolator Duties

  • Pack off Isolator
  • Reactor Charging Isolator
  • Sieving & Weighing Isolator

Other Applications

  • Beverage / Juice processing
  • Food Research & Development labs

Key benefitsStandard group of companies flexible isolators 6

  • Low cost solution
  • Shorter campaigns
  • Stock reduction
  • Improved quality
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Reduced cleaning validation time
  • Suitable for positive and negative atmospheres
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Fast installation
  • Cost effective
  • Clear visibility during operation and cleaning
  • Operator safety - controlled working environment with multiple glove stations
  • High-integrity substance processing - uncontaminated process medi

Flexible isolators can be manufactured and then integrated with systems and where necessary third-party equipment.

The Group can also provide a full turnkey application where necessary.

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