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The Standard Group of Companies are a leading supplier of equipment into the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The Schematic Division design and manufacture a wide range of Barrier Isolator Systems including integrated isolators for key pharmaceutical operations including sampling and dispensing.

Sampling and dispensing isolators are predominately designed for laboratories, clinical trials and production facilities.

These isolators can work well with all types of pharmaceutical containers and achieve maximum containment levels.

Schematics advanced systems additionally ensure optimum operator safety and environment protection are assured at all times during the dispensing and sampling operations.

Dispensing and sampling operations are usually completed after a sieving operation where the correct amount of process media is provided for subsequent operations.

Key features

  • The incoming material can be packaged in many formats therefore the system can be made with a Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) for material entry.
  • Barrier Isolator designs are offered in positive pressure and negative pressure systems to all levels of OEL requirements(occupational exposure limit)
  • Single-chamber or multi chamber isolators which offer easy manipulation of product and process.
  • These isolators also offer safe-change inlet with outlet HEPA filtration

Key benefits

  • The use of positive pressure dispensing and sampling isolators eliminates the need for cleanrooms with changing areas which then negates the high cost of operating cleanrooms (gowns, changing time).
  • The use negative pressure isolators for potent product handling offers the maximum operator protection and safety. Isolators will eliminate need for PPE and reduce the number of medical exams for operators.

Additional benefitsSchematic sampling dispensing sifting barrier isolator lr

  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Safe change HEPA filters (push-push) including remote design
  • Lift-up windows for ease of maintenance
  • Front and rear operator working positions
  • Process media contamination eliminated
  • Full operator protection from toxic chemicals
  • Clear visibility during operation and cleaning

These isolators can be designed and built around new or existing equipment with excellent ergonomic operations and performances.

The Standard Group can supply the isolator or provide the full turnkey solution.

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