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The Standard Group of Companies are a leading supplier of equipment into the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry has suggested that almost 23% of all operator lost time illnesses were caused by equipment ergonomic related issues.

The Standard Group of Companies places great emphasis on most appropriate Barrier Isolator design for the client’s application.

Trials are undertaken at the start of the project to identify operational over-reach, lifting and handling issues with the goal being to prevent them becoming a problem.

3D CAD software and PC modelling technology to provide a clearer visualisation of the entire barrier isolator system.

When the design is agreed in principle life-size wooden models of the barrier isolator system are created to prove and design works which will enable maximum productivity and with minimal injury.

Why are ergonomics considered?

The following graph shows typical injury types in the pharmaceutical industry with manual handling incidents being very high.
Graph 1

Sex – men and women vary in height considerably

Graph 2

  Ethnicity – people from different countries also vary

Grpah 3

 Lifting considerations – men and womenGrpah 4

  Advantages with good ergonomic design

  • Reduced Operator Injury
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue
  • Increased Production/Output
  • Reduced Work-related sickness
  • More Hygienic - Easier to clean properly

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