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The Standard Group of Companies are a leading supplier of equipment into the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The Group specialise in turnkey equipment processing solutions including full PLC and electronic cGAMP control systems.

Barrier isolators are pivotal pieces of equipment and must be maintained correctly and routinely as to ensure repeatable, competent and accurate products are produced in a safe manner.

These systems are built around a modular rack and designed to control single or multiple barrier isolators, monitoring all important performance statistics from chamber and exhaust filter differential pressure to emissions and temperature.Schematic control system assembly 1

These control systems and control panels are mainly used with rigid isolators and these extra dimensions contribute to a fully functional and critical part of the process.

Typical Control System Considerations:-Standard group cGAMP control panels lr 1

  • CG screen, Laminar airflow & 10 air changes (min)
  • cGAMP - PLC/HMI controlled
  • Excellent lux operator lighting conditions
  • Multiple or Single Chambers – Interlocked
  • Disinfection or decontamination by VHP
  • Integration with RTP for safe & rapid transfer
  • HEPA filters inlet and outlet alarms
  • Integrated Processing equipment
  • CIP cleaning reminders
  • Complex Oxygen & Nitrogen System Control

Types of isolators which use control systems

  • Sterility Testing Isolator
  • Sterility Filling Isolator
  • Compounding Aseptic Isolator
  • Capping & Sealing
  • Lypholizer (Freeze Drying) Isolator

Typical System Qualification Tests:-Qualification tests

  • Leak test
  • Light and Lux test
  • Air change test
  • Laminar air flow test
  • Noise & Vibration test
  • Occupational exposure limit test

With these control systems a control panel needs to be an integral part of the equipment.

The huge positives with a control panel are: -

  • Safe Operating Environment
  • Full Alarm Control
  • Easy to Understand Digital Dashboard
  • Stable, reliable and accurate results
  • Clear visibility of system operational performance with a digital display, lights & alarms

However, with these control panels there are 2 distinct considerations.

  • Control panels add complexity
  • Complexity adds cost 

With these considerations when purchasing a barrier isolator with control panels and systems the following will need implementing and budgeting for as part of the process: -

  • High Initial Capital Cost
  • Skilled partners for installation
  • Air-Conditioned Room
  • Require skilled employees/ partners for trouble shooting & problem resolving

The Standard Group not only supply control systems with barrier isolators but additional products include: -

  • Reactor Control
  • Process Equipment performance management

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