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The Standard Group of Companies are a leading supplier of equipment into the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industry.

These industries are very well governed with strict regulations that must be adhered to by all parties in the supply chain.

These regulations are therefore required for both new innovations and existing products in the market which enables the system to maintain and improve health status.

Pharmaceutical regulations have been defined as the combination of legal, administrative and technical acts that governments take to ensure the safety and quality of medicines and the accuracy of product information.

Pharmaceutical regulations basically have 2 goals: -

  • The development and production for market of new and effective therapeutics
  • The protection of the patient from unsafe and incorrectly labelled products

Some of the regulations that are in place today are: -

GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) is the practice required that ensures conformity to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorisation and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and medical devices.

GAMP = Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

Good Automated Manufacturing Practice is the same as GMP but governs companies and practices with automated processes.

Recently the following terms have also been introduced: -

cGMP = Current Good Manufacturing Practice

The use of c as a prefix to GMP is the legislation which allows authorities to make sure that countries and manufacturers who suggest they manufacture to GMP still follow the guidelines even if they use dated machinery that maybe up to 25 years old.

cGAMP = Current Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

cGAMP adopts the same principles as GMP and cGMP but with again automated machinery.

GMP practices are global and include the following bodies: -

  • FDA = Food and Drugs Administration in the United States
  • WHO = World Health Organisation
  • EU-GMP = The European Union’s GMP

The Standard Group of Companies portfolio adheres to all legalisation and regulations with strict testing and monitoring practices and processes.

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