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The Standard Group of Companies is a leading supplier of equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry with Vessel Charging Isolators part of the portfolio.

The charging, or filling of equipment with hazardous, potent and toxic substances is typically required in most chemical and pharmaceutical operations.

Vessel charging isolators are usually used with reactors, mixing vessels or dryers, and the design of a charging isolator will depend on the type of packaging and the quantities of powders to be charged.

These charging isolators are suitable for loading a slurry, or a powder into these pieces of equipment from another vessel.

Negative pressure isolators are used as this will maintain the closed volume system, protecting the operators from these toxic substances.

A key feature and benefit is that operational procedures, with design techniques have reduced operator exposure levels of less than 0.01µg/m3.Reactor charger isolator schematic

Operational benefits:- 

  • Modular barrier isolator design
  • Clear visibility during operation and cleaning
  • Operator safe working environment
  • OEL Hazard ratings 1 to 5 compliant

Typical applications:- 

  • Charging of Reactors, Dryers, Filter Dryers, ANF's and Storage Tanks
  • Pack-off / Off-Loading

Other key advantages- 

  • Safe change HEPA filters (push-push) including remote design
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Vessel isolation method
  • Operator safety

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