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The Standard Group of Companies specialise in many key pieces of equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries which includes Pressure Nutsche Filters.

The latest types and models are normally operated in batch-oriented industries, such as fine chemicals, dyes, pharmaceutics and pesticides.

As these Pressure Nutsche Filters are predominately part of a batch system, the vessel's volume is designed to accept an entire charge of slurry from upstream equipment.

The Standard Groups PNF’s are ideally made for laboratory, pilot or batch production applications, plus filtered materials such as carbon particles, salts and other products where a cake thickness of 150mm (6 inches) or more can be attained.

As standard, these PNF's come with an innovative lid that is hydraulically operated by one person with single point access.

The desired product can be discharged in dry or slurry form.

These PNF's are also designed to wash and dry, with the design allowing for fast and easy cake discharge which facilitates interrupted service flows.

The size of these Pressure Nutsche Filters are from 300mm to 2500mm in diameter, in a wide range of material types, varying grades, pressures up to 300 psi (2068 kPa) and full vacuum.

Typical design features:-

  • Hydraulically operated lid
  • Innovative quick, safe lid locking design
  • Manually operated lid (Automatic models available)
  • Available in a wide variety of construction materials such as 304 Stainless, 316 Stainless and exotic alloy (Alloy C276)

PNF Applications:- s2 pressure nutsche filter cut

  • Pilot plants for new or modified batch operation and/or processes requiring recovery of the cake
  • Laboratory and clean room applications
  • Production batch applications where cake thickness of 150mm (6”) and above is achievable
  • Porous cakes applications where cakes can build to several inches
  • Applications requiring treatment with Nitrogen purges or washes (acids)
  • Recovery of valuable solids where the filter cake is the product and filtrate is the waste

Careful consideration should be made when selecting a PNF as part of the process. These include: -

  • When "cakes" formation is generally slow
  • When the cake is "tacky" and does not come away from the filter easily
  • When the process chain is continuous
  • Product deterioration when processes stop for extended periods

Benefits of using a PNF

  • Hydraulically operated lid reduces risk of operator injury and eliminates the need for two operators to actuate
  • Portable feature means it is easy to move around in restricted lab/R&D areas
  • Easy recovery of cake in dry or wet form
  • Wide range of material availability
  • Permits multiple processes to take place within the filter such as steaming, sparging, drying or washing
  • Accommodates a wide variety of flow rates and solid loading
  • Quick and effective separation between the primary and wash solutions

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