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The Standard Group of Companies is a leading supplier of equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The S2 Engineering Services division is part of the Standard Group of Companies and provide full turnkey solutions for Double Cone Blenders, from design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning.

Basically a double cone blender is an efficient piece of equipment for the mixing of dry powders and granules.

The material is usually made from stainless steel (304 or 316) but can be supplied in a more exotic alloy if necessary.

In essence, a DCB is a type of mixer that is used to produce a homogenous solid mixture which is critical, especially the pharmaceutical industry.

Some of the materials that are mixed using a double cone mixer include flour, and most, if not all pharmaceutical granules.

The equipment is designed with a “SLANT” double cone feature which eliminates dead spots in the mixing.

Therefore, as the cone mixes, with its conical shape, the batch is thoroughly and homogenously uniform.

Additionally, with the design the product is then easily discharged  into further processing equipment.

Summary of key features:-

  • The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge
  • Powder is loaded into the cone through an opening and discharged through a slide valve
  • The cone is statically balanced giving added protection
  • Parts are made of SS 304 or SS 316.

The Standard Group can also offer additional features which include: -

  • Exotic alloys including Hastelloy
  • Chemical resistant coatings when processing especially highly corrosive substances

Typical applications of a DCBSchematic bottle filling barrier isolator lr

  • Pharmaceutics
    • A suitable dose of a drug will have to be mixed with more than 1 ingredient.
    • To have a homogenous product a double cone blender must be used.
  • Dyes/dye intermediates
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Temperature sensitive materials
  • Plastics
    • The DCB machine is vital to make uniform blends of plastic
  • Agrochemicals
  • Organic chemicals

Advantages of using a DCB

  • Easy on the eye and aesthetically pleasing in the factory
  • Noise reduction in the workplace
  • Has very high uniformity which is key for pharmaceutical products
  • The cone shape on both ends enables easy mixing and uniform discharge

Please contact either the UK or Indian offices to help you choose the correct blender for your needs.

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