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The Standard Group of Companies is a leading supplier of equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bulk drug and API manufacturing is a huge industry, supporting many pharmaceutical companies who primarily focus on the formulation side if the business.


Bulk drug intermediates are the drugs used as raw materials for the production of bulk drugs, or they can refer to a material produced during synthesis of an API that must undergo further molecular change or processing before it becomes an API.

The actual chemical compound which is in the process of becoming an API from a raw material is also known as an intermediate.

An API is the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient  which forms part of the drug that produces the intended effects.

The API can also be classed as the foundation of a final drug product, which must be manufactured to the right strength and quality for the project that it is intended for.

Any drug or medication is always composed of two components which are: -

  • An API (which has been described earlier)
  • An Excipient

An excipient is the inactive substance that serves as the vehicle for the API itself, and is also known as a drug carrier.

An example of an excipient is a syrup where this part of the drug is the excipient itself.

API’s and bulk drugs are manufactured in large or small scales, and the following processes are examples of the manufacturing methods: -

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Fermentation processes
  • Recombinant DNA
  • A combination of the above

S2 Engineering Services, Standard Glass Lining Technology and Schematic Engineering Industries, which are all part of the Standard Group of Companies are heavily involved in the manufacture of Bulk Drug and API manufacturing equipment.

Types of equipment produced in the Standard Group include: -

  • API and Bulk Drug IsolatorsSCL receivers2schematic anfd and barrier isolator lr

    • Sampling and Dispensing
    • Quality Control Check
    • Reactor Charging
    • Reactor and Distillation
    • Filtration and Drying
    • ANFD Discharge
    • Centrifuge Process
    • Milling - Multi-Milling and Jet Milling
    • Sifting or Sieving
    • Pack Off
  • Drying and Filtering Equipment

    • ANFD
    • Reactors
  • Glass lined equipment

    • Receivers
    • Reactors
    • Storage tanks

The Standard Group design, manufacture, install and commission standard and customer specific requirements for many companies in the API and bulk drug industry.

Typical industries include: -

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Fine Chemical
  • Nuclear

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