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The Standard Group of Companies is a leading supplier of equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

One key part of this industry is the biopharmaceutical sector.

Biopharmaceuticals will become the core of the pharmaceutical industry, but not without significant transformation in the laboratory and in strategy, technology, and operations.

Biopharmaceuticals are alos now firmly among the most sophisticated and graceful achievements of modern science.

The biopharmaceutical industry processes any medicinal product manufactured, extracted or semi synthesized from a biological source.

This now includes vaccines, allergenics, gene therapies, tissues and living cells used in cell therapy.

The pharmaceutical industry has the most precise requirements and manufacturing guidelines in terms of quality, and as a result, it is critical that pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment includes a wide variety of equipment including capsule fulling machines and spray drying accessories.

To ensure precise manufacturing and formulation development, almost every process can be automated, which is a strong feature of the Standard Group of Companies portfolio.

Pharmaceutical filling machines expedite the modern pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Syringe filling equipment is used for large scale filling and ensures sterility and dispensing of correct volume, and vial filling equipment can fill hundreds of vials per minute while securing against product loss and inconsistent volume.

All these processes require aseptic and preferbaly automated conditions, which will protect the environment, the operator and of course the process media which must never be contaminated.

Schematic Engineering Industries which is part of the Standard Group manufacture barrier isolators and associated process equipment, which are suitable for processing biological medicinal products, therapeutic biological products and engineered macromolecular products such as protein and nucleic acid–based drugs.

The Standard Group’s range of formulation injectable barrier isolators include:-

  • Sampling and Dispensing
  • Compounding and Filtration
  • Liquid Filling Lines
  • Powder Filling Lines
  • Pre-filled syringe (PFS) Filling Lines
  • Sterility Testing
  • Sterilizable VHP (vaporised hydrogen peroxide) Pass BoxSchematic sterility test barrier isolator lr

The Standard Group of Companies will provide the barrier isolator in conjunction with third party equipment, or can supply the full turnkey solution.

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