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The Standard Group of Companies is a leading supplier of equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

A key division of the Standard Group is Standard Glass Lining Technology, who specialise in the supply of glass lined equipment.

Focus areas for glass lined equipment include the following types: -

  • Impellers
  • Paddles

Impellers and paddles are manufactured for standard, bespoke and special applications using predominately stainless steel and some nickel alloys.

The main function for this type of equipment is “agitation”, which is critical in the pharmaceutical industry.

All products are manufactured to international specifications including ASME and DIN28159.

Types of agitation equipment:-

Anchor type

An anchor agitator consists of a shaft and an anchored propeller that can be mounted centrally or at an angle.

It is mainly used in reactors and predominantly in the Standard Group AE type.anchor agitator

Paddle type

A paddle agitator is a key type, where the blades reach the tank wall.

A paddle agitator is used where a uniform laminar fluid is required as it initiates heavy-duty mixing which proves to be an excellent device for slower speeds.

It is a relatively simple structure, thus making the equipment easy to manage.Impeller agitator

Impeller type

An impeller agitator is designed to optimize in-tank mixing while remaining reliable and keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

This type of agitator maximises the efficiency of any mixing process and can be used in either batch or continuous blending applications and uses technology that allows the suspension or mass transfer applications.

The Standard Glass Lining Technology CE-Reactor is supplied with an Impeller-Type design as standard.

Paddle agitator

Additionally Standard Glass Lining Technology AE-Reactor can also be supplied with this type of Impellor agitation device.

Standard Glass Lining Technology also provide: -

  • Glass Lined Reactors
  • Glass Lined Receivers
  • Glass Lined Storage Tanks
  • Glass Lined Flanges, Pipework and Fittings
  • Glass Lined Valves
  • Conical Dryers

For more information click here or contact the Indian offices or the Sheffield factory for more information.