Standard group health safety policy imageThe Standard Group of Companies recognise that stakeholder health and safety is of utmost importance. Please view or download our Health and Safety policy as this outlines and neatly summarises the passion and commitment of the Standard Group Directors in this area.

To  enable the Standard Group of Companies to fulfil it’s duties under Health and Safety legislation it is our intention to ensure that responsibilities for health and safety matters are effectively assigned, accepted and fulfilled by our organisation;

So far as is reasonably practicable, the Standard Group will ensure that;

  • The company is organised and plans for health and safety effectively, ensuring safe places and safe systems of work are provided and maintained.
  • Staff are trained and competent to perform their duties.
  • All risks that could arise from our activities or the activities of contractors, in our employ, will be assessed and either eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels.

To achieve these objectives, the Standard Group will ensure that;

  • The necessary resources are made available.
  • Objectives are being met by monitoring and inspecting all work places.
  • We review and report on safety performance and audit the implementation of the health and safety standards and procedures.
  • To develop and embrace a Continuous Improvement business culture with regards to all aspects of health, safety and welfare.

The Standard Group has a number of manufacturing and engineering workshops involving overhead cranes, mobile lifting devices, welding and fabrication, grinding, and laser cutting for example. As such, to manage these operations and the safety of our employees, visitors and contractors we operate a full health & safety management program, including policies and procedures.